Friday, October 31, 2008

So much press..

It's kinda quiet here since I'm on a whirlwind RB2 press tour with PR Czar John Drake. In case you're interested in hearing me ramble on message:

* BritishGaming
* Virgin UK
* Boomtown
* GameSpot UK
* ...picked up by Kotaku
* misquoted me a fair bit, but they did a bunch of articles:
* ...on Rock Band 2
* ...on being misquoted on Harmonix's goal of player expression
* ...on what I'm working on now
* Eurogamer on Mannilow
* VideoGamer on music creation


Justin said...

Hey, I've been a big fan of Harmonix since Frequency but I'm probably switching to Guitar Hero because my pedal broke and EA customer support won't even offer the option to BUY a new one. So 500 dollars paid for Rockband and Rockband2 plus downloadable tracks, worthless. Thanks a lot.

DanT said...

Hey Justin,

You shouldn't need to buy a new one, as EA will send you a free one!

If you're having any trouble with EA giving you a replacement pedal, then email us at and we'll take care of you.