Monday, October 6, 2008

( BOTB Community Week

(The new website has launched today, which means that I'm going to be shifting this post to be "Dan's pick for this week")

This week is the first week with community suggested battles! My favourite this week is the "Animal Hardcore Marathon", featuring Eye of the Tiger, Hungry Like the Wolf, Cool for Cats, Hammerhead, and March of the Pigs.

This is just the start of community-suggested battles. As long as you keep the suggestions coming, we'll keep putting them up for everybody to play! Thanks to Osteo, this battle opens on Wednesday.

There's also The Overlooked Song Battle, featuring "Cherry Bomb"! Like the description says, "Come on now, '70s all-girl punk band The Runaways have earned their due! Joan Jett and Lita Ford could beat the crap out of you if you say otherwise."

At best, you'll discover some great 70's girl punk. At worst, you'll be a very high ranking person on the battle leaderboards. Thanks to murfinator, this battle opens on Tuesday.

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