Saturday, November 22, 2008

Eyeball Pics (science!)

I finally got my act together and went to get new glasses. Cool things to note:

* My doctor is a huge Rock Band fan. He was telling me about how he uses the Drum Trainer as exercise, for example. It's both awesome and scary seeing how deep Rock Band is sinking its tendrils.
* I had two choices for determining my eye health - either get eye drops to dilate, or get a camera to take a photo that could be emailed to me. No guesses for what I did:

My Right Eye. Perfectly Healthy!

However... left eye has a freckle (or as it's called, a nevus) on the inside. Not a big deal, but they need to keep an eye on it over time to make sure it does tumorise.

After showing me the pics, my doctor's first words were "So, can I get that as a tattoo for my Rock Band character?". Awesome.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Watson McPupperson's Etsy page is up!

Like the page says:

Watson McPupperson's Crafty Goods specialises in uniquely crafted everyday items made using unconventional canine construction techniques and household materials.

Translation: Stuff our puppy chews up goes here as art. There are some very "unique" items coming soon!

Monday, November 10, 2008

( forums) On Tiering/Difficulty Numbers

(from the forums, regarding how we come up with our song tiering and difficulty ratings)

So, there's a bit of a difference between "tiers" and "difficulty numbers".

Internally, each song has a difficulty number for each instrument, as well as a "band" difficulty. For example, "Conventional Lover" is 235 on bass, 219 on guitar, 193 on vocals, 191 on drums, and 236 on band. These scales are different for each instrument, but it's not uncommon to see a scale range from 100 to around 500+.

For tiers: We assign these numbers to all the songs on the disc. Then, the tiers are determined by splitting up the songs on disc evenly into 7 tiers based on those numbers! For example: "One Step Closer" is #12 for bass at 165, and "Let There Be Rock" is #13 for bass at 171, but since 84/7 = 12, LTBR becomes the first song in the second tier.

"Well, what about those numbers? How are they determined?" I hear you pre-typing. There's a different process for disc songs compared to DLC songs:

  • For the disc songs, it was the design team's job to balance the songs. Sylvain, Casey and myself (with guest stars 100% GS guitarist Grace and expert vocalist HMXJohnlok) usually locked ourselves in a room for hours and argued about relative difficulties. Yes, that does mean we've played the Endless Setlist multiple times for the sake of work.

  • For DLC songs, these are handled by the audio team. They go through and try to figure out how difficult a song is compared to songs on the disc, and assign appropriate numbers.

    Some songs are hard to assign numbers for band ratings. Take "Let There Be Rock" - hard guitar, but dead simple bass. When this happens, we tend to trend towards the most used instruments (guitar, then drums, then vox, then bass) when laying down a number, as well as some personal fudge based on where we feel the song should lie.

    The basic summary is that it's a blend of science and gut, based on the other songs we've released. Sure, I think we've been a little off the mark on a couple of songs, but I think the vast majority available on the platform (500 songs by the end of the year!) fit a nice balanced curve.