Saturday, November 22, 2008

Eyeball Pics (science!)

I finally got my act together and went to get new glasses. Cool things to note:

* My doctor is a huge Rock Band fan. He was telling me about how he uses the Drum Trainer as exercise, for example. It's both awesome and scary seeing how deep Rock Band is sinking its tendrils.
* I had two choices for determining my eye health - either get eye drops to dilate, or get a camera to take a photo that could be emailed to me. No guesses for what I did:

My Right Eye. Perfectly Healthy!

However... left eye has a freckle (or as it's called, a nevus) on the inside. Not a big deal, but they need to keep an eye on it over time to make sure it does tumorise.

After showing me the pics, my doctor's first words were "So, can I get that as a tattoo for my Rock Band character?". Awesome.

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Casey Malone said...

"keep an eye on it"?