Monday, June 30, 2008

( Let there be Rock Band 2!


My name is Dan Teasdale, and I'm the lead designer on Rock Band 2. Along with Sylvain Dubrofsky (senior designer) and Casey Malone (designer), we're the design team that's slaving over a hot keyboard to get Rock Band 2 into your hands very soon.

Needless to say, we're really excited that we can finally talk about Rock Band 2. It's a true expansion of the platform, and a realisation of our goals to produce the most authentic band experience available.

A lot of the changes that we've been working on are directly influenced by the wish list that you have all been posting to. As well as improving everything in Rock Band that we felt could be improved, we've introduced some exciting features that'll have people playing as bands with their music collection in fun and new ways. I'll be talking about these over the next few weeks.

Naturally, all of your purchased Rock Band DLC will work in Rock Band 2, and all of your Rock Band instruments will still work (although you might want to buy the new instruments anyway when you see our improvements). We are totally committed to ensuring that Rock Band is a music platform that you can enjoy with friends for years to come, and not just another music game.

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to be talking about life during development of RB2, as well as revealing some of the details to RB2 that get glossed over in press previews. If you have anything specifically that you have questions about, please post in the comments! I can't promise I'll be able to get my answers past the kind and friendly PR and Community team, but I'll do my best!