Sunday, August 29, 2010

PAX and you! (or more specifically, me)

PAX is this coming weekend! There are a few things going on around that I feel the urge to pimp out:

A panel that I'm on!

Rock Band 3 Design Q&A Free-for-all! (Friday 10am, Pegasus Theater)

Holy crap, a design team semi-reunion! And we're the first panel of the show! And we're in the biggest room! You should come and hear us chat about Rock Band 3, as well as ask us any questions. There's a bunch of awesome behind the scenes photos and materials that we'll have on tap if the right question comes up, like this one of Sylvain doing unmentionable things to an inflatable kangaroo and a keyboard controller prototype:

It's also very most likely my last Rock Band-related thing I'll be at with other Harmonixers, so you should come and ask me incredibly awkward questions.

A panel with other Twisted Pixel representation!

Can Publishers Add Value for Indie Developers? (Sunday 2pm, Serpent Theater)

Sure, I'm biased since Twisted Pixel CEO and all round nice guy Mike Wilford is on this panel, but this is essentialy a who's who of XBLA games on one panel. If you liked Shank, Deathspank, the Penny-Arcade games, Monday Night Combat, or any of Twisted Pixel's games, you should come to this panel.

An awesome booth!

Twisted Pixel have a booth on the Expo floor, which is going to be crammed with awesomeness. Come play the full and final version of Comic Jumper before it's released, or sing along with Chainsaw as he plays and sings "Donuts, Go Nuts" live.

There's also a huge amount of awesome merch there, like T-Shirts, posters, and stuffed Maws! You should stop by booth #3003, say hi, and buy some stuff to support us!

Omeganaut Eric Chon!

Fellow Harmonix Alumni-er Eric Chon has been chosen out of thousands to fight for the title of PAX Omeganaut Champion. He is an awesome and swell dude, and you should follow his journey as he surely crushes everybody in front of him.

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BathTub said...

Questions like "why we haven't seen 5 characters on stage at once?"


"Given that how much it costs to move up to Pro-Guitar, why the hesitation over letting some people spend a fraction of that for supporting double bass?