Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Road to GDC, Part 3: Secret Slides

I've been doing some last minute GDC revisions, and have learned some valuable lessons:

* Polishing speeches is hard
* If I do three speeches in a day, I'm going to start losing my voice. I should try not to do that.
* Drinking carbonated water during your speech is a terrible idea
* More importantly, I have a bunch of cool videos and movies that while cool, don't fit into the flow or direction of my speech. That means...

...that's right! If you ask me a question that's along the same lines as some of the footage I have in my "Secret Slides" section, you'll get to see some extra bonus stuff! There's a bunch of "approved but no longer fitting" stuff like movies of hardware assembly and email proof of me being psychic. So, if you ask the right question, you'll get a pretty awesome visual answer in response!

(Also, if you guys ask questions, I don't end up awkwardly staring at a blank audience for 20 minutes at the end)


s said...

Psychic stuff? I don't remember that one...

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