Monday, September 29, 2008

( Battle of the Bands, Week 3

Week 3 is here!

* Monday:"Ramblin' Basslines"
* Tuesday: "Blood Sugar Sex Magik Battle" and "Three More Degrees..."
* Wednesday: "Guitarist/Frontman Battle"
* Thursday "Shooting Star Battle"
* Friday: "New Wave-Off"
* Saturday: "History of Metal"
* Sunday: "Tangled Up in Vocals"

Very soon, the new will be up, which will contain a swank new interface for viewing upcoming battles! It'll also make these blog posts pretty redundant, so I'll probably change the format of this to a "Dan's Battle Pick" rather than a directory of upcoming content. It'll probably be more interesting then, too.

As usual, post your battle suggestions below. Next week you'll start to see some of your suggestions go live!

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